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Coffee Plant help
Hi my coffee plant Cafécito is having brown tips on his beautiful leaves. He’s under some shade and is next to 2 humidifiers. I repotted him a lil while ago but I’m out of things to do.

He was so happy healthy when I first got him from the plant shop.

Any ideas? #CoffeePlant #planthelp
2ft to light, indirect
4” pot with drainage
Last watered 1 week ago
Does your pot have good drainage? Coffee plants love a lot of water but don’t like wet feet. You may consider refreshing your soil and adding orchard bark to help make a more airy, well draining soil and make sure your pot has large drain holes. Plus, try not to let water sit in the drain dish very long after watering.
@Superkma75 he kinda does. He has a good 2-3cm above the bottom of the yellow pot. But I’ll definitely try the orchard bark and refreshing his soil. Thank you

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