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Lazy leaves?

Steve here is a mail plant I received 1.5 weeks ago. He seems to be doing well for me so far—there are a couple of crispy tips, but they were all that way when he arrived, and they haven’t grown since.

I’ve noticed that his leaves don’t all come to attention at night; a few stay down. Is this normal? If not, is it something that will fix itself over time, or will I just have to wait for them to eventually drop off? The stems feel extremely sturdy, to the point that I feel straightening them would break them.
4ft to light, indirect
4” pot with drainage
Last watered 4 days ago
I know they need to be close to light sources, definitely indirect but close, and it getting brown tips sounds to me that it's air is too dry. They love humidity, so maybe put near a humidifier. Then, see if he perks up in a few days. If not, then reasses what else it can be. They do like the soil to consistently moist. Just don't make soggy. I have a pinstripe calathea, and she stays moist at all times next to a humidifier and close to the light source, not direct, and she is really happy. All the leaves simultaneously go up and down when supposed to. Just try it and see how he does.
@plantfinatic the brown tips were before I got the plant, and the humidity is 55%, which is fine per my understanding? The soil is consistently moist. It’s also close to a grow light :)
Well then maybe he's still adjusting to new environment. Just give it some time.
I would not worry if some of the leaves are not moving as much, as you are saying they are sturdy I will think they are very healty.
A couple of things affect the leaves movement. The light is mentioned, and humidity.
But also age is of significance. I have noticed the leaves needs a couple of days before they start moving when they are very young, and also they move less and less as they age. The bottom leaves are often the oldest, and they move slower than the rest (they lose the ability to move over time). I see that my makoyana moves its leaves in a "wave", the top ones move first and then the bottom follow, so in the morning they "crash", and in the evening they look spread out. It's just in the middle of the day and in the middle of the night they seem to agree on the position😆

55% humidity I will think is just fine with the rattlesnake.