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Creeping Jenny Wilting

#CreepingJenny Hey everyone! This is my second attempt to grow a beautiful Creeping Jenny, but her leaves immediately are wilting. Is that due to too much sun exposure, not enough? I currently have her in a south facing full sun window!! Any tips for Creeping Jenny plants are welcome. I really want her to be healthy!
0ft to light, direct
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@ReallyTexassage Megan I do not have one of these plants but the info card on your plant states no drainage on your pot. I would definitely repot so its roots will not rot and hold too much water. If you read up on them they light bright light but not sure about direct light. May try both and see how that help. Best of luck and keep us posted. Here to help as we can. 👍ðŸŧ😏
Bright indirect light (curtain over window) or 3 ft away from a sunny window. If you repot to a pot with drainage and smell a foul smell cut the rotted roots. If they are not rotted then it could be due to the direct sunlight scorching the leaves.