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Help with Japanese Red Maple (Acer Palmatum) care.

Hello #Greggers, I recently got my hands on this Japanese Red Maple. Where I live we have sub-tropical climate. The plant took some damage during transit but seems to be okay otherwise. Summers is just kicking in and temps can reach upto 40 C by the end of March. I’ve never had this plant before and would love some inputs on how to care for it.
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I know Japanese maple trees love heat and humidity with filtered light. They need some shade to protect their gorgeous leaves, especially the red and purple verities. I found this link on the web for you. Hope it’s helpful, I refer to this website a lot. I find it really informative. Good luck with it!
Hi! I have one too in Texas - it takes a bit of babying but it can still thrive. Likes to be fairly wet and not too hot - its leaves will change to green if it’s getting a lot of direct sun. Watch for leaves crisping up and water deeply when it needs it. Mine is almost 3yo now and 4’ tall! It’ll lose its leaves in winter but mine is already budding out. 🌱☀️❤️
I wish I could be more help. Mine was a young tree when we moved into our house 8+yrs ago. It was in the landscaping and other than watering it when summer was hot without rain and an occasional trim of branches in the fall I haven’t done much to it. I love looking at it from my window and I even put Christmas lights on it in winter. I do place a fertilizer stake in the ground near it once a year. Obviously mine is bigger and more established as it’s about 10yrs old I’d guess but once you get yours settled and established they are very easy to care for.
I found that mine like a bit of morning sun, but shade during the heat of the day. Also, the leaves will a bit crispy on the tips if they don’t have protection from the wind. It seems like the first year is the most delicate, then they take off and do their thing!