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Hello! I just got a Cherry Tomato, I have a somewhat sil...

2ft to light, indirect
3” pot with drainage
Last watered 1 month ago
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I personally think it would be tough on the plant but I’d say it’s possible. Depending on your lighting inside. When you bring it outside after being a house plant for a while it would be best to do it slowly.. introduce it maybe a few hours at a time in the shade for a couple of days. It’s just because outside conditions are a lot harsher than inside causing burn etc. lots of people start seed indoors with a grow light so if you are planning on doing something like that I think it perfectly fine.
Bring it inside IF you have an adequate grow light. If not just leave it outside and enjoy the tomatoes.
Thank you both!
I think I will transplant it when it is larger
I have grown tomatoes inside, it is possible but sometimes finicky. The larger the pot the more it'll produce, and provide it as much light as you can.
Thank you! I live in Washington surrounded by trees, so the light might be iffy. We’ll see! It’s great to hear from someone who’s tried it.
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