Posted 4w ago by @FloweringDaisy

I brought home my prinstripe plant and placed him in the bathroom as he was starting to brown in the office. Is the bathroom a good place as it has indirect sunlight, over 1 meter away from window, as it is south facing windows.
5” pot
Last watered 1 month ago
It should be. Calathea like humidity and indirect light.
Beautiful plant. This is probably the perfect location. Welcome to Greg. πŸ’š
South facing means some hot sun. So if sunray hits the leaves, they brown and crisp as well so require sheer curtain. It would love increased humidity in your bathroom
I would say yes. Try giving it some humidity and using distilled water. If it’s browning on the edges it’s usually from humidity, if it’s browning on the tips it’s usually from water or sun burn.

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