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Have you found Greg to be worth it? I'm in a new place with lots of space so I'm getting way more into plants I'm thinking of staying with the app but wanted everyones thoughts? #shirleyanitabong
I couldn't love this app more! My plants are thriving, I'm a more confident plant owner, and everyone is so supportive, kind, and accepting!
Oh. My. Word. YES!!

First off, welcome to Greg, Shirley!

Second off, I have always had plants in my life. I had pulled away from all social media and I was looking for an app to help remind me to go water plants.

I went through writing things down, making sticky notes, and putting reminders in my phone. οΏΌ

Then I downloaded (in no particular order) Blossom, Planta, Picture This, Nature ID, Planty, Vera, and probably a few more. I've lost track. I never wanted to pay for any of them. They weren't what I wanted.

Then I got fed up with them all and ordered a plant from American Plant Exchange to make me feel better. It was my Cast Iron plant (still growin strong!).

In the box, on top of an expertly packaged plant, was a card: Scan here for a free trial of Greg.

I promise: I have been hooked ever since!! It was a no-brainer for me to buy Greg.

If making the jump is not cost-effective for you at this time, you can share the app with other people. Every time you share your personalized Greg link with other people and they download it, they get three months for free ... and so do you. οΏΌ

What are your plant questions or Greg questions - we can help. 😁
Stay! In all my time I have NEVER seen a negative comment, and everyone is super helpful, and funny, and you can win free stuff and it’s so cool!
Oh! And Greg is relativelyοΏΌnew and it's been amazing watching this app GROW! The folks behind the app are amazing and the folks USING the app are AMAZING!! πŸ’š
Gregg is the best! I wouldn’t be able to have so many plants without the app watering schedule. πŸ₯°
@ABCD is one of the folks I was going to tag so you could see other people's opinions.

@HoyaAddict @KikiGoldblatt @gracegrows @Hypsie @HyggeVibes @Gordo @SubAlp @FitSedum @jcPlantProper @AwesomePlants @WickedValkyrie @MinecraftSteve
Yesssss! I love it. Its like..I’ve found my people. lol
The app and its community is awesome! It’s very supportive! I find it useful because it’s easier than guessing or trying to track progress on my phone. I thoroughly enjoy it! It’s worth it!

Thanks for the tag, @sarahsalith !
@Jilliebeanstalk @TheGoodWench @foliagegirl @mell @Yeeha234 @UrKillinMeSMLZ @LovingSunnyAZ @tmbryant37 @Nightshade @babyfiretiger13 @Pegster @kscape

There are so many more folks out there- these are just some of the amazing folks off the top of my head!

I digress. 😁 But I'm glad you asked.
Absolutely agree with @sarahsalith. I’ve also tried other plant apps like the ones she mentioned (if not exact ones) and none have had the amazing and friendly community as #GregGang has.

To start off, the app in itself is worth it. The layout is very organized and everything is easy to access. Depends if you’re on iOS or Android, the watering reminders are much better than other apps. You also have a chance to track progress pictures, share β€œstories” or β€œmoments” of your plants, and be able to communicate with the Greg community. We have #TechTeamTuesday where just about every Tuesday, there’s a post made by our amazing @RJG (community moderator) and updates us on what’s behind the scenes with the #gregteam πŸŒΏπŸ’š We also have #GregFeedback where users are able to suggest a variety of things they’d like to see in Greg as well!

The #gregteam is wonderful in of itself and there’s great people working on Greg everyday to improve the app. I’ve made amazing friends along the way since I’ve joined Greg last year. Everyone is friendly here from what I can tell, never seen a negative comment or anyone being rude. Everyone here is just happy to share their plants and help others with #crazyplantparents issues 🀍 Need ID help? Have watering issues? Finding pests in your plants? We have your back! Me and others are always scrolling through Greg, so you’ll always have a helpful person around πŸ’•

Apart from the fun giveaways and opportunities to win things, Greg is worth it just purely for plant care. If you tend to forget watering or like to keep your plant information in one spot, this is the app for all of that. ✨

Edit; I’d like to mention that you can connect with others near you and share cuttings/clippings! Hope that you can meet others in your area as well! 🌿🀍
Omg @PlantMompy you were the first to respond sorry
This is THE (sorta) hidden gem app and you can relate to everyone and share anything: NO JUDGEMENT
I love Greg! Everyone here is so friendly and helpful. No bad drama. I’ve only been here about a month-ish and I feel like I’ve found my plant family! No negativity …..meeting people from near and far, and we all have one goal…to keep our plants alive and share friendship. And I’ve found that Greg is pretty easy to navigate. Please stay!!!
Wow thank you everyone for the wonderful comments I've been very impressed within the last few days everything is definitely making me want to stay I've even shared with some of my other plant friends! And everyone is loving how it's set up.
And @shirleybong- you don’t even have to have Super Greg I don’t and it’s AWESOME
@TJphilobsessed you are so right! πŸ’š We are plant family!
Greg is great, but the β€œPlant Friends” I interact with are Grand!!! This is the kindest, most enjoyable plant community I’ve ever been a part of. And on op of that, there is so much information to be shared, as well as gained!! I do enjoy being a β€œGregor” and my Crazy Plant Lady hobby !!! Thanks for the tag @sarahsalith πŸ’–β˜€οΈπŸŒ±
Wait wait wait- I have to ask: HOW OLD IS YOUR HOYA?! It's incredible!!
@shirleybong yes Greg is absolutely πŸ’― worth it. I ended up on Greg like @sarahsalith did. I ordered my first Monstera from there. I too had a card for a free trial of Greg, ever since then I was hooked on Greg. Plus the community Greg has is amazing. I have made some friends on here as well as having personal friends like Sarah aka @sarahsalith and Jasmine aka @HoyaAddict and Gordon aka @Gordo. The help you get from this community is top notch.
Hells yeah
@sarahsalith there is a lady on etsy that sells nice big plants and ships plantTipz is where I got this one I'm so in love with this one. I don't know how old I should ask. I was too impatient to wait for all my little plants to grow so just had to have her
@shirleybong it is truly BEAUTIFUL! I'm gonna have to go look her up!
@shirleybong can you share the name of the Etsy gal you are referring to? TY !!! πŸ’–β˜€οΈπŸŒ±
@shirleybong Welcome to Greg! πŸ™‹πŸΏβ€β™€οΈ Greg is soooo worth it! You get exceptional advice from other #AwesomePlantParents .

The app is a great way to monitor and track your plant progress. And it a great, friendly, positive, supportive community and family on Greg.

Don't think, JUST DO!! πŸ’š
@shirleybong please share the deets about this Etsy have @LovingSunnyAZ @sarahsalith and myself intrigued now!!πŸ€ͺ We πŸ’š plant shopping on Greg!! Just ONE MORE plant! 🀣
Thank you Peter @ABCD I love Greg it is honestly the best app ever, I've basically quit social media and spend a lot of my time Gregging this is the best, funniest, most caring and kindest community πŸŒ±πŸŒΏπŸ’šπŸ₯°
@shirleybong Sorry, saw you posted the name. Thread got quiet...we're all on Etsy checking it out! 🀣
@LovingSunnyAZ plantTipz is her etsy name and she's on Instagram
@awesomeplants lol πŸ˜† i have to stop myself from buying more and moreee!!!!
Well look at this kind thread!

Shirley if you aren't convinced by all these fantastic plant people, I guess I'm the closer.

I loved Greg so much as a user that I basically made @alex hire me by bugging him so much. Which is to say, I believe in this app, its watering reminders and its helpful tips, (soon to be released) fertilizer reminders, the ability to track my plants progress with the timeline, (I can continue), and I believe in this community (you've gotten to witness its good will already).

I think we're making a very cool spot here and would love if you'd come along!

Special shout out to @sarahsalith for her long form in depth review and journey and to @kscape for mentioning me specifically! (and of course all of you that had nice things to say!) Your comments were seen be the whole #gregteam.
@shirleybong well, when you do buy more plants, share it with your new Greg family so we can live vicariously through you! πŸ’š
I also agree with @sarahsalith. This app and the community are wonderful! I have had the app for over a year after coming across it while looking for care tips on one of my plants. It brought up a care page on Greg's website. I bought Super Greg pretty quickly. I have even shared it with many friends so they could try out the app and try the features of Super Greg. I adore the community and love assisting others with their plant queries, the quirky hashtags people come up with, the actual Greg team and seeing everyone's oases! 🀍
πŸ’― worth it! The more plants I had the more difficult it became to check them all every day. Now I just check who Greg says to water each day, no one gets forgotten and everyone is monitored with photos. Also the best people here if you ever need help, you won’t regret it!
@shirleybong yes absolutely worth it. Helps Helps with my plants and also has made me some awesome new buddies even if we aren't close by any means. If the app itself doesn't help me I know the people people here will in a heart beat with the most kindnessβ™₯︎
Greg has been a very helpful app for me. I have always had outdoor veggie gardens and typically have so much I freeze or give veggies away but just now got into house plants to add some color and life to our home. I have always been hesitant because of my past history of drowning plants but Greg has really made a difference with reminders and helpful care details. Also, I have questions often and in no time you have 15-20 answers from the community. Stick with Greg it’s a good thing
@HoyaAddict that's the biggest help- no one gets forgotten... except the few plants I've rearranged and LOST in my house! But with the reminders, I can look until I find them. (:
@shirleybong the Greg App has opened my eyes to so much information and new found plants to add to my wishlist! It also helps me stay on track to care appropriately for my plant bΓ©bΓ©s.

The community here is also amazingly informative and respectful. You might even make a new friend!

I will always recommend the Greg App as a one of the top plant apps to have on your phone.
It is because of this app that I am able to keep any plants alive and I now have 32 plant babies. So worth it. I used the free trial version of this for many many months until I decided that I wanted more plants and I couldn’t live without this app in my life… If I am ever in the plant section at any store I am telling everyone about it. It is completely worth itοΏΌ
See? This is why I love Greg. πŸ’š
100% worth it! I find myself spending more time here than I do regular social media- it’s such an uplifting, helpful and sweet community to be in. The app has changed so much since I first joined and it’s literally only gotten better. Greg is also responsible for enabling my plant addiction but, no complaints here πŸ˜… please stay!
Definitely worth it. Not just for the reminders but for the advice and help and just the great people!
Yes love it !
Completely agree with everything! An amazing app backup up by an amazing team! The only place I can go to get personalized help with each individual plant as needed (go Greg Team!) and an amazing community (I had given up on online communities but all the people I have met through this app are amazing! πŸ’•
Welcome! Definitely worth it, haven’t looked back and have gone from no plants to a healthy happy home full of thriving plants. The adapting watering schedule is more important than I could have imagined and when I see a plant struggling the help on here is amazing. My plants have been saved and appreciated by the wonderful Greg community. I enjoy it so much that I invested in the lifetime membership!
Omg. So worth it.
I downloaded it after trying multiple plants apps.
Nothing was working the way I was looking for!
I ordered a plant from American Plant Exchange and lo and behold there was a little card in there saying to download Greg.
So obv. I did!
I will never, not, have it on my phone. It has saved all of my plants, the people on here have brilliant minds.
Welcome to Greg, I hope you enjoy as much as I do! 😁
@ABCD wait where can I win free stuff πŸ₯Ί
I love the community #GregCommunity
Yes!! Totally worth it! Before Greg, I had maybe 5 succulents and an orchid, now I'm more confident, have learned a lot and my plants have exploded to in the 50s in number!! (& I just joined maybe 2 months ago?? - lol ended creating a Propagation Station, rescued some orchids, went to my first local plant sale, and I do believe it's a full-blown plant addiction now! πŸ˜‚)

I also love the community, too! Always so kind, helpful, chill and knowledgeable.

I used to think plants weren't for me. But turns out I just needed to find the type of plants that are right for me - low maintenance, hardy and forgiving lol.

Although: now I wonder what shall I do to make sure they're (all 50+) are ok if I were to leave on vacation?? πŸ™ˆ
What they said ⬆️. What a wonderful #GregCommunity
I truly love it!
@shirleybong most definitely keep. It's real useful and not to mention all the people who honestly want to help in any way. I am recently new to it and couldn't be more happy and appreciative. Who better to meet then others that share your passion and genuinely what to help you succeed. Just my opinion 😊 #greggang #plantsmakepeoplehappy
I love it! I love the social aspect and the people and it’s helping my plants thrive! I tried Blossom first, not impressed.
@Churritosplants currently we have our #SpringIntoSummer photo contest going on! Do a plant related post if something you think is neat or cool or funny and as #SpringIntoSummer to the post to enter!
Also: the adorable #GregArt is always a fun bonus too! πŸ˜„πŸ˜„
@RJGim im staying because of all these wonderful comments! Everyone thanks you so much!!!! Not one bad thing to say from anyone. It's like a plant twitter but better! I'm already telling everyone about it. I havnt had a place where I could have too many plants but now I am! Again thank you thank you thank you!!!! Everyone is so wonderful and positive
Greg has allowed (enabled?) me to amass a large collection of plants. Many of the ideas for new plants have come from here. I enjoy contributing to the development of this platform. Since I have been part of the beta-testing team (or for some other undetermined reason), I think I’ve been grandfathered in as a lifetime member - at least that’s what my profile says. That being said, it seems like there are ways to make it free to all members. I wouldn’t delete the app if there were pop-up ads or sponsors/partnerships in other waysβ€”marketing is definitely not my forte’. Honestly, it would be a fond β€˜farewell’ if I ever had to pay a monthly fee. Sorry guys!
@RJG yay ty :)
@SubAlp all this means is we have to work even harder to win you over. Tons of new features coming!
Love it! Def the most user friendly app for my ND brain that I have tried.
I also got Greg when I moved into my house because my collection grew with all the new space. I love it. I am so forgetful and the app reminds me to water. It prevents me from overwatering and I know which plant is which and where it should be in my house as far as lighting and other needs. The social aspect is also great. I love that it is strictly plants and no drama like you’d find in a FB group. I can get advice, give advice, or just brag about some new growth!
@SubAlp Anyone who was a member before the Super Greg updates started rolling out, @RJG let us know that those who were here before received free watering reminders for life time 😊🌿

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@kscape Colin may have been part of our super early betas like a year ago. I think we granted lifetime super Greg for those users.
I basically agree with everything everyone else said. My plants used to die on me. Now I can keep 30+ plants alive and there’s no way that would have been possible without Greg. I also feel like I’ve learned so much that I’m actually able to make my own decisions and judgements when it comes to plant care now, without Greg. Definitely worth it! You should stay! 😊
@RJG sorry, not sure. Could have been a perk from Planet Desert perhaps? Btw my favorite shop atm is Companion Plants in Athens, Ohio. PD’s great, too, if you’re into those kinds of plants. I had one die in transit (box’s corner was munched while raining and moisture got in). They refunded the plant cost and sent another one for free. I describe Greg as a forum, since there aren’t chat features; which I am thankful for. I recently discovered the block user feature, which is also amazing; only used if once.
I’m kind of addicted
@sarahsalith Thanks! I love with this community. The app itself is great because of the reminders and info your ant card will tell you about the ones you add. But, my favorite part is the interaction with other users. You get to meet so many new people across all levels of experience. Everyone is quick to help, slow to judge, and always encouraging one another.

You will not be disappointed if you decide to stay!
Hi @shirleybong Welcome and do stay. Theres probably 10 or 100 reasons to stay. My top 5 would be:
1. The community thats very warm and positive and helpful
2. A place to catalogue all your plants
3. Identification of your plants either by app or thru community
4. Watering reminders especially when you have a lot of plants and cant keep track
5. Getting ideas what plants to get next by admiring plant posts from Greg gang
Greg has helped me get my plant life together…plus the amount of things I learned from this plant community is just amazing πŸ₯°
I LOVE this app! I couldn’t keep up with my huge collection of plants without it. I joined to help my plants, but I’m definitely staying for the community! Everyone is SO NICE and helpful and friendly! We have this fantastic space to share our love of plants, our joys and triumphs, and our failures. I used to enjoy Facebook groups about plants but there are so many darn mean people on Facebook! This is a magical utopia of plant love, and I think it’s a gem.
@sarahsalith @LovingSunnyAZ I went to Etsy. The shop is PlantTipz. She’s got some gorgeous plants.
@Sleepysunday #5 is the worst ... I mean the BEST!! πŸ˜‰
Yes yes yes! Before this app I never bothered with plant because I always killed them and then I just recently started getting into them to make my home space feel mostre cozy and more me. I knew I needed help and thank god for this app because my plants are doing great and I have learned to much! The reminders are soo helpful for someone like me with ADHD who forgets a lot. The best part is the community. Everyone is so friendly and happy to help with any questions you have. Without the community it would feel like just another reminder app but the community here alone and the #gregteam make the subscription invaluable! Love it here!
SOO worth it!! I downloaded the app back in December. I had 3 plants at the time.. I now have 25 πŸ˜…
It has helped me keep better track of watering days (I tend to forget), and so my plants are doing great and it makes it more fun for me to tend to them!

The community is also so amazing, there's always plenty of people to ask questions to and it's just been great
@sarahsalith haha perfect image!