Posted 4w ago by @siskatann

How to care for my new bonsai!

I received this bonsai tree for mother's day, that I think is a ficus ginseng. I know nothing about these plants. It looks like it needs a bigger pot, but I'm curious what size pot they like typically. Something just a smidge bigger? Or a good amount bigger? Deep? Wide and low?
Also, the instructions say to water weekly with an ice cube, but that just doesn't sit right with me. Is this actually how I should be watering this? Or should I just be watering it with a wiring can?
16ft to light, indirect
Last watered 1 month ago
@siskatann I believe that is a Ficus bonsai, however, mine was smaller with a much smaller trunk that didn’t survive it lost all it leaves too which ficus trees are known to do in my opinion they are hard to keep for me yet I love them, I wish I scan offer up advice because your tree trunk is quite large looking for what it’s in…Sorry I can’t help further as you are in the right place though for the masses to help.
The ficus is a tropical plant and is an easy bonsaΓ― to start with. I've got one myself. It likes some humidity. Since most bonsais have a soiless medium they need to be fertilized once in a while. I water mine when it's dry and also give it a shower once in a while just to clean the leaves off. I just repotted mine not to long ago.
The pictures aren't all that great. Sorry.