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Do u have any tips for aloe verras?
I just got an aloe verra, and I'd like to know if you have any tips on how to take care of them
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i have an aloe!! not an aloe vera but still an aloe so i think the care is similar :)
put them in bright indirect light, aloes (and their relatives like gasteria and haworthia) will burn in direct sun. basically if you have variegated aroids put the aloe where they are.
succulent soil is best for these guys, and water only when the soil is 100% dry. i like to be safer and water a couple days /after/ the soil is fully dry. if you want to check if your aloe might need water, you can just gently squeeze one of the leaves around the middle, usually aloes will have a very rigid texture- if they need water they’ll be more pliable. i know people with aloe veras often say they’ll droop a little when thirsty so look out for that too. for me i check about every 10~12 days bc that’s how long it usually takes for mine to dry fully.
idk about fertilizer but i’m probably not gonna bother with mine until next year lol, succulents don’t need that much nutrients! i assume they’d like a diluted cactus fertilizer once during their growing season when they’ve been in their current soil for a couple years.
hope this helps!! :)
@Louloute totally agree with @strawberrymoon Perfect advice.
@Louloute @strawberrymoon is correct. Airi 💕 is amazing with succulents. I have 3 I try to neglect 😂. I water them about every 14 to 16 days. Sometimes I water them every 3 weeks, depending on the season.
@KikiGoldblatt i’m the opposite lmao, i need to try to pay attention to my plants!! i’m so used to succulents that sometimes i forget my regular houseplants need to be watered once a week 🥲 thankfully they’re all pretty forgiving- they’ll droop a little bit at most but no damage done :)

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