Posted 2w ago by @MrsCannelli

Help !! Mushy stem fell over !!
I don’t know what’s going on ! It’s like all mushy !!!
4” pot
Last watered 2 weeks ago
Welcome to Greg @MrsCannelli
It could be overwatered, I noticed your pot has no drainage, this causes the roots to remain wet and can let to root rot.
I suggest you check the roots and re-pot in a pot with good drainage.
Happy growing 🍃🌱🌿💛
They do have holes in the bottom .. should I still repot ?? And set the pot up off the ground ?
@MrsCannelli welcome to Greg!

How are the other stems? I find that sometimes, my plants get bumped around: kids, people, dogs, balls, whatever.

If this is the only stem, I would cut your losses and keep going. (:
It’s the only stem like this !!! It’s slimy and mushy , best to describe it .
How do I know if it has a node to propagate the lead ???

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