Posted 4M ago by @EminentGreen

Slowly dying with white powder on it

My jade plant was repotted a few months ago, due to a terrible gat infestation. Now it doesn't seem to be growing, but just slowly dropping its leaves and dying and I'm at a loss and unsure what to do. #Jade #GollumJade #SucculentSquad
2ft to light, direct
6” pot with drainage
Last watered 4 months ago
Looks like powdery mildew this has happened with two of my plants recently , you can remove the affected parts and monitor it closely but even with doing that, mine did not make it. It somehow continued to spread through out the plant even with removing the bad parts, hopefully someone else will have a better remedy !
I’ve had success with a spray bottle and 70% alcohol, just spray the plant and keep it out of the sun until it dries. Spray it at least once a day and to get a jump on the mildew, you can get a cloth soaked in alcohol and wipe down the affected parts. I’ve read a concoction with milk (crazy I know) will work as well. Keep this plant away from your other plants and having a fan of some sort on your plants will help with reducing the risk of transfer. PM hates air flow. Good luck!
@BamaButtercup there's no way I could wipe it. If I look at it the leafs are falling off 😭 but I did spray it down with alcohol today!
@EminentGreen I’m so sorry, I have two of them and love them. I hope your baby gets better soon. πŸ₯°β€οΈπŸŒ±
@BamaButtercup Wow that is really good to know. I have one and it grows pretty wacky. I need to learn how to train the growth to the other direction of the pot. I have a Xmas cactus and another new little friend in the same pot.#
Hang in there Rosie Gregg and the community will help you!
I've been doing the alcohol spray and it's just rapidly declining.. any other advice?!?
I’ve read Jade plants love used coffee grounds…. Helps with the soil… it’s a long shot but might help
@EminentGreen Maybe try neem oil solution?