Posted 1M ago by @ArrestingChosmo

Little bugs are in & around my plant. How do I get rid of...

0ft to light, indirect
8” pot with drainage
Last watered 2 days ago
@ArrestingChosmo it depends which bugs they are, as to what to do. Do you have pictures?
Too small to get pics
Try neem oil!
If they're springtails they're good but springtails will float on the water and they'll jump around if you disturb them. Here's a pic of one of the most common ones you'll find! I have springtails in 90% of my plants
Agreed with @Lissa ! neem oil is excellent for repelling plant pests. The bottle will usually give you a dilution factor to mix with water and a bit of dish soap. If your problem is really bad, add a bit to your next watering cycle to drench the soil, and then spray lightly, once a day on all plants. Happy growing!