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My plant is not happy. Repotted about 3-4 months ago and ...

2ft to light, indirect
6” pot with drainage
Last watered 1 week ago
It lists your pot as not having any drainage. That’d be the first thing I check. Make sure your pots have drainage holes. Second thing I’d check, since it’s been 3-4 months in a pot listed as no drainage, I’d check the roots for root rot. Cut off all the squishy parts of the roots and repot in a pot that has lots of drainage. One thing I do is keep plants in a plastic nursery pot and then put that in the decorative cover pot. Hope this helps!
Thanks! That is what I had it in originally, and brought it back to the place where I bought to repot and he told me to repot in a pot with no drainage. I will repot into a nursery pot with lots of drainage and will check for root rot. What type of soil do you recommend?
I second the suggestion about a pot with drainage. You can always get a pretty pot to put the pot with drainage in. Just make sure to let the plant drain before putting it back into the outer pot.
@NurseNikkofir I start with miracle grow potting soil, and I add in orchid bark vermiculite and perlite. I do equal parts of all of them. Dieffenbachia prefer well draining soil, and this should work well for that.
So I repotted and the plant has no roots at all. Last time I repotted, I took it to the place where I bought the plant. He had mentioned that the roots were not what he thought they would be, but didn’t mention that there were no roots. I peeled back the brown layers and clipped the bottom. I looked up home remedies for root stimulant and found one with honey/ water. How else do I stimulate root growth? Should I water more regularly? Thanks in advance. Pic of what the plant looks like out of soil