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Has anyone grown a hosta indoors ? If so, any tips and tr...

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Sadly I haven’t done that, but here is a website I found that could be helpful for an indoor hosta.,light%20requirements%20of%20your%20variety.
Definitely needs to be in a pot with drainage. Without drainage the roots will rot and kill the plant (had it happen and had to start over with a new one). Low light, North window is good. Water from the bottom of the pot when soil is mostly dry, not completely dry.
I have both of mine outdoors. They grew huge. I have south facing sun but my patio is covered and then has a car port, so direct light is almost none but indirect light is amazing. I put them in partial shade and I’m finding they don’t really care for my change from filtered/distilled to tap waterπŸ™ˆ
I also bottom water but they are in a self watering container, I let that dry out completely along with the majority of the soil. The pot is just slightly bigger than their rootball, which has helped them a lot.
Thank you to everyone who reached out to me.