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Recently repotted to save from overwatering. Not sure whe...


So I repotted this sedum on Friday, 4/5, because I suspected it had been overwatered due to some mushy leaves. I let it dry out a couple of days before putting back in slightly dry soil. I put it in a smaller pot because the original one just seemed too deep for the shallow roots it currently has. My question is, how long do I wait to water again now that it's been repotted? I don't want to water too soon and risk losing more leaves or worse. And I don't want to risk the roots not taking to the new soil because I waited too long.

4” pot with drainage
Last watered 2 weeks ago
@Nocturnal666 Hi there! It really shouldn’t need any water till about next weekend. It says you have it near a heater, so it may dry out slightly faster. But better to dry out than get waterlogged. If you have it in a cactus-type mix, you should be good. If it’s in regular potting mix, you’ll want to water it in small amounts (don’t soak it). This Greg article may help you too:
Thank you. The heating and ac are central air/heating, and the vents are in the ceiling. Unfortunately, the vents are above the only good sunny spots I have in my apartment, but they're about 4 feet above and blow at an angle, so not fully on the plants. It is starting to warm up here so it doesn't kick on hardly at all except at night.
Wait until the soil is completely dry. Water a few days after that.
Just checked soil with a bamboo skewer and it came out with almost no soil stuck to it. So looking like it will be ready for water maybe by the end of this weekend? There is 1 poor leaf just wasting away right now. Looks like a piece of fruit leather so I'm assuming that leaf is being sucked dry??? Definitely stays in the shape of a taco when pinched 🤣