Posted 1w ago by @Bosslady

I’m in help like asap! All of a sudden my plant’s leaves just started falling even after watering. #NEWPLANTMOM
I would check the roots, it may be over watered. I'd re-pot in a slightly smaller pot with good drainage and let it dry out between waterings. Welcome too Greg and happy growing 🌱🌿💛
Thank you so much Sarah! Hopefully it isn’t too late to save it.
@Bosslady is that humidifier on?? Dracaena like dry environments. It might be causing some of the rot, being to moist
I agree with @Sassylimey - that plant looks overwatered. You can remove it from the soil and give it dry soil for starters. The new growth will fine from the tops over time.

Even if you lose the lower leaves, with proper care, your plant should look better in a few months.
And welcome to Greg! Your other plants look amazing!!
@Jilliebeanstalk No it’s plugged up but not working. I just moved my plant there two days ago thinking maybe it was getting too much sun.
@sarahsalith Thank you! I gotta get the hang of this plant thing. Lol

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