Posted 3w ago by @FirstCanna

How can I have 2 squishy lithops int the same pot as 4 solid ones? #HappyPlants #PlantsMakePeopleHappy
Check deep down with a hydrometer. My guess is there is some trapped water somewhere rotting the roots on one place. They’re super cheap on Amazon you can also pull them out and take a look.
@JThen thanks
Sorry I’m late, I’ve been working several 12 hour shifts in a row! Lithops shouldn’t be particularly squishy. They get wrinkly when they’re dehydrated, but they’re still pretty firm. I agree with Jordan that something is probably rotting them, and you need to figure out why before the others are also affected. They need very gritty substrate (90% grit is good) and they won’t absorb water if it’s over 67 degrees, so watering them when it’s too warm lets them sit in water (which causes rot). Does that give you any ideas about what may be wrong?

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