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What type of jade plants are these?
According to Greg, both of these are jade plants. But they look so different I’m assuming they’re different varieties? From a quick Google search I think the second small one is Crassula arborescens? #Jade #WhatPlantIsThis
the second one isn't a jade. but I'm not sure what it is. @AnnaLovesVoting know succulents !
@RJG here’s a better photo incase that helps
@RJG ahh good to know! All this time I’ve been thinking it’s a jade cause Greg said it was lol
It's important we figure it out for Greg so that it gets better at ID in the future
Hmm some type of Crassula please hold
It looks a bit like a baby propeller plant (crassula falcata) but not 100% it’s kinda hard to tell from babies
@AnnaLovesVoting could it be a baby jade?
Unless the leaves are just curled from me caring for it as if it was a jade?
Erm no probably not a jade
@AnnaLovesVoting kk I took a look at a bunch of pics of the baby propeller plant and it does sort of look like it. Thanks for helping to identify it! :)
The pattern and shape of the adult leaves will make it much easier to ID in a few months. Either way it’s cute!! πŸ₯°
The one on the right is a kalanchoe.
@calvina omg I think you’re right! The way the leaves are growing at the top definitely match. Do you know what type of kalanchoe it is?
The first one looks like an apollo jade
The first one is just like my #Jade but i dont think the second one is…ive seen this type of succulent and its deff not like the other one; they are a bit more Cluster looking
@Dems yeah i saw late that @calvina identified it lol πŸ˜‚
@Dems your jade looks gorgeous!
The fat one looks like my flapjacks
Shape of leaves also kinda looks like a flap jack but not quite.... a puzzle lol

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