Posted 4M ago by @y0u_lied

Can someone help me !!
I water it every 8-9 days and give plenty sun but it is dying any advice will help ! <3 #AmericanCommonJuniper #plant #dying #help #
3” pot with drainage
Last watered 3 months ago
Here are the care instructions for your plant. You can see them by tapping the species name. Are you checking the soil before watering?
@AggroResting yeah it was dry the water
This is an outside plant. They really need more sun than they can get inside. I've learned the hard way that if they don't get enough light, they die.

I've also learned when you water this type of plant, water it deeply and throughly.

Do you see any new growth? Can you scratch the trunk of the plant and see if is still green underneath?

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