Posted 2M ago by @gingerlymom

Did I prune this in the wrong spot?
My beloved #dwarfumbrellatree has two places where it had dead leaves that I pruned. In this spot nothing is growing back. Did I cut it in the wrong place? #pruning @RJG
How long ago did you cut it? You may just have to wait longer, or it may have redirected it's growth elsewhere...
@WickedValkyrie It's been at least 5 months.
Hmm that is quite a long time... πŸ€” Could be focusing on root growth instead of leaves and such. Do you fertilize?
I looked it up. I pruned it a little over 3 months ago. I fertilized it 2 mos ago I think.
If you use liquid fertilizer it might want more food than once every couple months... If you're using the slow release sticks I'm not sure cuz I've never used those... Best of luck figuring out what's stunting this cute baby!
The tree is thriving everywhere else. It's just the areas I've cut that haven't done anything since.

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