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Sun shade ideas??
Hey everyone 👋🏻 as the UV rays are getting higher, I’m worried about my plants getting sunburned. But I don’t want to take them away from the window because they also need the sun 😅 any ideas or suggestions would be greatly appreciated!
have you tried lace/translucent curtains? or if you don’t mind the window being a bit ugly you could paste shade cloth over the area facing your plants
@brophykatie I agree with what @strawberrymoon said. They make translucent shades to block most of the sun.

EDIT. Something like this.

BlindsAvenue Cellular Honeycomb Cordless Shade, 9/16" Single Cell, Light Filtering, White, Size: 18" W x 48" H

Persilux Solar Roller Shades Blinds for Windows (23" W x 72" H, White) Flame Retardant, Light Filtering UV Protection Custom Sheer Shades for Indoor Windows, Easy to Install
for a little extra shade you could decorate with palm leaves or a folding fan
As an avid DYI:er I was thinking of doing some ricepaper contraption🤔 Like a screen room divider but smaller.

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