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My niece grew a Christmas cactus for me & it bloomed last year (right after she gave it to me). So far this year there are only 1 new growth on it. What’s the matter with it? I want to see flowers this year!!
Light! Fertilizer and let it dry out a little before each watering! That’s the golden rule for these guys
@jcPlantProper when you say “light”, how much light do you mean? It seems everything I read says something different! So confusing!!
@KeyGingerroot as many hours of sun as you can give it! The brightest area in your home. Or like a porch where it gets morning and afternoon sun where it’s not too harsh
Mine gets several hours of sun and I keep it outside all summer. Then I bring it in after the weather gets a little cool (but not below 50). Then when I bring it in, that is when it sets buds and blooms. Mine bloomed 3 more times this year which was unusual. But it blooms for sure after it comes in from beginning fall weather. In the house I get it right up to a window, too. In my experience it is pretty forgiving about when and how much water, but it doesn’t like to have wet soil all the time.

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