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✨On the next episode of “I went to the store for ONE thing” 😅😅🌱✨
I went to Walmart for a HALOGEN LIGHT BULB for my snake… couldn’t find said bulb but then.. blackout. I woke up and SOMEHOW managed to be in the plant section holding four new babies 🥲

I said “no more!” But apparently the right side of my brain didn’t listen 😅 meet my new children:

🌱 Ms. Big Booty 😩, Senecio rowleyanus hybrid, ‘String of Raindrops’
First impression: DAYUM GIRL… YOU THICC 😮‍💨🤤😩🥵

🌱 Monroe, Senecio rowleyanus ‘String of Pearls’
First Impression: Alright you mf… I’m gonna try this ONE MORE TIME

🌱 Zamora, Haworthiopsis attenuata, ‘Zebra Plant’
First Impression: oh my goodness look at you 🥹💙 you got new growth and shit… I love you 🥹

🌱 Mariposa, Sempervivum tectorum, ‘Hen and Chicks’
First impression: you better be glad you look fine af mommacita cause I can’t stand you 😤😩 #ToxicRelationshipsBeLike 🥴

No, Monroe didn’t come with the pot but it was given to me at work cause it was going to get thrown away! It was just the perfect spot for the car ride home lol

Last pic is me showing off my balancing skills I learned at college parties 🤪🤪🤣

Also… I didn’t find my bulb at Walmart but I found it at #Lowes 😂
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Well, at least you tried to stop. 😂
Hahaha I read the first sentence wrong 😑 and it said I went for a halogen bulb and for plants sake…… 😂😂😂 oh and such cuties!!!!
@Localplantlady haha love it. 💕💕💯💯
@Ratshell i tried but it all happened so fast 😩🤣
@Jilliebeanstalk I never intentionally go for plants… the plants find me 🥴🤣
@kscape they are THICC 😩😮‍💨🌱
@KikiGoldblatt I can never have a “no plant” shopping experience 🤣💙
But the pot....
I mean…you still got the bulb! And the cutest new babies! #winwin
@angelw1975 I have another one 🥹💙
@LatiTish84 trueeee, just a #SelfCarePurchase 🥰 I can’t wait till they’re out of quarantine because these babies are root BOUND 😮‍💨 #RootPorn pics to come 😩
It always starts with I need just one thing! 🤣 Did that basically everyday last week and came home with at least a new baby a day 😅
@LeighannM I only do it on my days off… so I have to catch up for the days I didn’t get to go 🤣
That is quite the loot!
@Localplantlady some good finds there… I wish my Walmart had plants like that… oh wait they would if they knew how to take care of them… 😩🥹🥲
Plants have a way of mysteriously jumping into the carts and hitching a ride home with us!
😝 love the SOP comment! Good luck 👍🍀
This is a regular occurrence with plant addicts. Side tracked to the plant area. Plant magnets. You found such a nice selection. 💚
@Localplantlady HHH twin, I’m about to do the same but online with these succy/cacti in my cart 💀 I can fee myself just blacking out and accidentally hitting order
@starfirejem ngl, I thought there was a String of Grapes at first cause I’ve never seen pearls THIS THICC 😩🤣
@FirstCanna I’ve had terrible luck with SOPs 🥲 I’ve gotten braver since my SOT and SOB are THRIVING under grow lights! And I’m trying not to “care” for them too much lol
@Planthoader ikr? And then I’ll say “Ohhh, you must’ve really wanted to come home with me 🥹 I can’t say no…” 🤣
@MariansOasis I always say their a #NeverAgainPlant but I can’t help myself because I get so jealous when I see everyone’s huge SOPs 🥲
@Pegster my Walmart must’ve JUST put some of these babies out because they had soooo many selections in the succulent area! It’s been a while since I’ve seen Succulents look that good 🥹💙
@ShinyBudew stop itttttt HHH twin 🤣🤣 I have a whole cart on Etsy cause I’ve been researching rare house plants, mainly succulents 😅 I don’t need them because I’m afraid I’ll kill them… but their so pretty 🥹🥹🤣
@Localplantlady Funny!!! Love your personality!! It all happened so fast…. 😬 #relatable
I went to Home Depot yesterday to buy succulents soil mix. I checked all new succulents in their section, but I did not buy any, because I am strong I can control my addiction lol 😆
@vvvelo must be niiicceeee 🤣🤣 I’m tryna be like YOU, mah dude 🥲🤣
@MrsSmith I don’t try to make me sound like this AMAZING person but I will say, I’m a hoot in person 🤣 especially if I’m feeling good that day
@Localplantlady And THAT comment right there…is why I love your personality. Wish you were local 💚
No point in fighting fate😂
@MrsSmith 🥺🥺💙 who knows, maybe one day I’ll take a trip to NY and I’ll need some local street smarts 🥹💙
@Marthamaywho92 I swear Fate be fighting EVERY TIME I go to the store 😩 and I lose… every time 🤣
Oh so true!! I hear them calling me name and I gravitate towards them no matter what store I’m in. Then get all sad depressed if I don’t find one
So beautiful
There isn’t a single time that I leave the house anymore that I don’t return with a new plant. Lol Congrats on the new plant babes. 😊
These all look so heathy and great! I usually just find sad wilted plants at Walmart. XD
Beautiful Beautiful

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