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How do I root my string of pearls. The plant fell and broke up so badπŸ˜’
5” pot
Last watered 1 month ago
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You can put the broken ends directly down in soil. If they are long you can use pins or toothpicks stuck in the soil at an angle to keep the ends in place.

Good luck! Do as many as your heart desires and to have a fuller pot again.
They should root really easy. I agree with @Beeps. I would also most them daily.
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@Beeps Thank you for this information. The top of my SOP is quite thin due to leaf loss. (It arrived that way.) I’m seeing advice to keep them in indirect light and other info saying the SOP needs a LOT of Sun. I’m confused.
@TruthfulApricot I think that when some sugggest direct sun they mean morning and evening sun. Mid day direct sun is very harsh. So a good direct morning sun with bright indirect mid day sun would be a great combination of the two.

If the top of your SOP doesn’t recover you can trim and prop directly into the soil to fill it back out. Good luck!

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