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Can you root philodendron leaves?

I know I can’t grow a plant without a node, but I often root pothos leaves in water and plant them around the base of actual vines to thicken the foliage. I’ve had some philodendron leaves in water for weeks now and they are alive but no sign of roots- maybe they just don’t act the same as the pothos?

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Unfortunately I think you need some nodes for a philo to root. If it’s been weeks without roots, then you won’t have success with this. I take a cutting with two or three nodes and take off the leaves except for two at the top. Pothos are just special πŸ˜‚
@Squiddylumpkins good question, this is what I found. Hope it helps, plus a link to a video: 1. Select a healthy plant: Choose a plant that is disease-free, pest-free, and stress-free.
2. Take a cutting: Use a clean, sharp knife or garden snips to cut a piece of stem that's 3 to 6 inches long, just above another leaf on the stem. The stem should be a uniform color, without any discoloration, and the leaves should be glossy and unblemished.
3. Find a node: Find a node on the vine, usually near a leaf, where there may even be aerial roots already starting to grow.
4. Cut at a 45 degree angle: Cut just above the node at a 45 degree angle.
5. Trim leaves near the bottom: Trim off any leaves near the bottom.
6. Root in water: Place the cuttings in a glass or jar and add water so that all of the leaf nodes are submerged. Put your cuttings in indirect sunlight and change the water every few days. In a few weeks you should have new roots that are ready for transplant.
7. Plant in soil: When the cutting has about two inches of new roots, you can transfer it into soil.
Prepare a pot with holes in the bottom, add stones for extra drainage, then houseplant potting mix and moisten the soil.