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New to sedums. I've heard they are super easy to propagat...

4” pot with drainage
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Ooooh I love propagating these guys so I’ve gotcha!! After you cut the stems or twist off some beans (whichever part you wanna propagate) leave them in bright indirect light for 2-3 days to callous (a dim windowsill is great). After they callous, dip the ends in rooting hormone or cinnamon powder (cinnamon powder works best for my prop babies) to ensure root growth and health. Then get either a terracotta dish or a paper plate and place the beans on top of the soil. (Stem cuttings need a 2” terracotta pot) Mist weekly and you should have new babies in no time!! I used this technique on mine and it’s helped them grow sooo much faster and healthier! (I’ll post pics whenever my Wi-Fi will let me. It’s bad lol) Hope this helps!!! 🫶