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Sun or water?

This is my first rattlesnake plant. I’ve had her for about a month. She is in a west window with direct sun about 4 hours a day, I water about once a week maintaining damp not soaked soil, and just fertilized at about 1/4 strength with a 10/15/10. Do these leaves look like they indicate inappropriate sun or water? All her leaves feel “plump” and healthy otherwise. Thank you for any suggestions!
6ft to light, indirect
6” pot with drainage
Last watered 23 hours ago
Hi! The plant seems healty enough, the colour a little faded parhaps, probably due to too much sun☀️. I would cut down on the direct sunlight, calatheas do best in indirect light and their leaves burn quickly in the sun.
None of mine gets direct sun.
They also like high humidity, and needs to be kept away from drafts and heaters🌱 Also good to note that some might react to tap-water if it contains minerals they don't like... and many water them with only rainwater or destilled water💧
The dry tip on one of your leaves might be sunburn or lack of humidity. Calatheas often come with a little drama🫣 but the rattelsnake should be one of the easier. Good luck!🍀 They are so pretty🤗
@MockingJay thank you so much for the info! I moved her further from the window so fingers crossed she’ll calm down😂