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My monstera is growing out of its pot?
I know you’re not supposed to repot in the winter but I think I may have to… any advice on what to do here? I wasn’t even expecting a new leaf this winter and now I have one and the whole plant is growing sideways and I can’t figure out why or know what I should do😕🥴🌿 #MonsteraMonday #NewGrowth #TropicalPlants
4ft to light, direct
15” pot with drainage
Last watered 2 weeks ago
I think you could benefit from a moss pole!
My mom has monstera and when able she tucks the roots back into the pot 🤷🏻‍♀️
Who said you’re not supposed to repot in the winter? That’s false. I watch and listen to what my plant babies are needing, and I act accordingly. So if you need to repot, then repot.
@Steeze365daily but also, those are aerial roots, and you don’t cover those up. They would even grow through a moss pole. You can either cut them or just keep letting the grow. Either way won’t bring harm to the plant. Now if it’s pot bound in the pot, then that’s when you need to repot.
I’d recommend a moss pole! There’s a “front” and a “back” to monsteras. The aerial roots are on the back and that’s where you’d put the moss pole. And don’t cut the aerial roots! You can tuck them into the soil or try to get them to attach to a moss pole.
@Steeze365daily thank you!! I’ve read a handful of websites that say that it could be bad for your plant so thank you for the reassurance!
@MeganO I’ll have to check out Amazon then- thank you!
@changing4thebetter trust me, I have a monstera aerial roots are growing the same. It actually started to grow through the moss pole at first, and I thought it would just stop there. Nope. It grew way past it, and I was going to just put it in another pot of Spagnum Moss. Then on one watering day, it got snagged on another plant & half of it broke off. That one isn’t growing anymore, but I’m still getting leaves new growth. As long as you keep up the care of it, then it would be fine. Won’t steer you wrong with these plant babies.
@changing4thebetter I recommend a moss pole as well. I have them in my Monsteras. I have two huge Monsteras that have 3 pole each in them.
@changing4thebetter she may be ready for a larger pot as well. She’s outgrown that one.
@KikisOasis it can grow through the moss pole. Mines has already, and almost touched the floor.
@RJG @martin @Kiersten what do you think about her repotting it right now? Looks like her Monstera has outgrown her pot.
@changing4thebetter here is what I bought on Amazon. Alphatool Full Length 68 Inch Coir Totem Pole- 6 Pcs 15.7 Inches Coco Coir Moss Totem Pole Indoor Plant Support Moss Stick Trellis for Training Potted Plants Climb & Grow Upwards
@KikisOasis thank you so much!!
@KikisOasis @changing4thebetter It doesn’t look like your plant has grown out of its pot per se, but more like she’s on the run!

Since it’s only one stem, there should be plenty of room left in the pot for the roots to keep growing. I would definitely second the suggestion for a moss pole to keep it growing up rather than out! ⬆️
Winter doesn’t start till around the end of December, it’s still fall but definitely getting cold! I repot all the time I’m so bad! Although I live in California…
Also if you want to create your own moss pole, I did one here & both of my monsteras love it: I like creating mines, this way of I have to extend it, etc then it would be easy to. & I can make as many poles as I want with it.
Hey Abigail 👋, (monstera looks really great, you must be taking good care of her 😘). I personally repot my plants whenever they need it, regardless of the season. She will definitely love a moss pole, if you could make her one. Monstera do like being slightly root bound, in my opinion, and they will push out more leaves when root bound. Hope that helped!
@Steeze365daily thank you! I do this too. I keep reading that it’s best to repot in spring but I think that type of advice is useful only when it matches up to what keeps the plants happy! I follow the plant’s messages first. If they need it, they get it.
@Mojo yes, I think that advice is really for outside gardening as well. For me, it’s whatever makes my plants happy. I haven’t had to repot any yet, but they’re still growing like crazy. I’m going to post my monstera on the chat feed to show how the aerial roots look through the moss pole.

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