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Banana tree bent at the roots?
You guys… my banana tree that I thought was done after a major sunburn 🤯 fell on its side, but it’s full of life aka it’s not drying, it’s not soggy, it’s firm, it feels healthy but looks so off… I tried lifting it up into its normal position and it wouldn’t let me — it just bent at the roots but it’s so firm it won’t let me change its shape. Anyone knows what’s going on? I was away for a week and had somebody care for my plants — so I didn’t see exactly how this happened.
12” pot with drainage
Last watered 2 days ago
You could try repotting it in an upright position.
Repot or stake it. If you leave it bent it will kill it.
yikes! lol.

i would recommend repotting it so the leaves can grow upright. :)

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