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Hey y’all. I’m looking for pebbles for top layer of plants. I have mostly tropicals and a few succulents. I want something decorative and practical. What works for u? Thanks 😊 #HappyPlants
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Be careful adding top stones. This can prevent the soil from drying out and can lead to root rot. Wet loving plants like peace lilies will appreciate it though!
I found some at the dollar tree before
@HoyaAddict yes i used glass pieces on top once and yeah, the plant hated it. It got over-watered
@Annasea I was gonna say the same thing as Jasmine @HoyaAddict
I sometimes get gravel from my yard🀣....or river rock like in the pic...
You can also use pumice or granite pieces (like chicken grit without hormones) to use around your plants. The smaller pieces allows for the soil to breathe. (:
@sarahsalith chicken grit!!!🀯🀯
Most craft store would sell what you need. 😊
@PlantEsteem yes- I have chickens and ducks, but I get the grit for my plants! πŸ˜‚
I’m with @YammieOf3 ….I got some pretty pebbles in a bag for $1.50 at the Dollar Tree. Also got sea glass.
How about lava rock?
I use aquarium gravel. It comes in lots of colors and different sizes.

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