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Sad Friendship plant

Hi all, can someone help me figure out what is wrong with my Friendship plant? I have fertilized her but she was in an area with too much light. I have now moved her but she just keeps losing leaves. She’s very sad!
0ft to light, indirect
Last watered 4 days ago
Looks like fertilizer poisoning to me. What fertilizer did you use? Just soo I can help what’s the best way to cure it.
@PlantJedi I used bone meal.
Oribe brand. But she was sad before fertilizer.
Ohhh what’s the preventative maintenance routine?
@PlantJedi I’m not sure what you mean?
Do you use any Neem oil or anti fungi treatments?
@PlantJedi I do not. I didn’t realize that I should!
@BonafideCassava oh yeah… definitely because all plants have fungi in their soil and at any point it can turn bad. I’d treat her for a fungus. It’s less about your care soo it’s not you making any mistakes and more about crazy unknowns happening. I use two products.

This one is my maintenance.
Big Leaf Energy : RTU Wellness...

This one is for getting rid of problems.

Mighty Mint Neem Oil & Peppermint...
Apply early morning or at night… The sunlight can burn the leaves if Neem oil is applied during sun light contact.
@PlantJedi thank you for the advice! All my other plants are healthy but I was so sad to see this one unhappy. Hopefully I can heal her.
@BonafideCassava yeah, some bad fungus look just like water issues. Sometimes they don’t return to being as pretty immediately but they’ll grow healthier and stronger. Definitely not unhappy… I’d give it your best medium sunlight location while it recovers.