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Losing Leaves
So my elephant bush is losing leaves. #Bonsai #ElephantBush is dropping leaves. Do we think it’s, A, adjusting to her new environment (moved approx. 2 weeks ago), B, underwatering, or C, overwatering?
#HelpMePlease #SadPlant #DroppingLeaves
3ft to light, indirect
2” pot with drainage
Last watered 1 week ago
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@emmybee you flatter me on the Bonsai knowledge πŸ˜… I had a Jabuticaba and Brazilian Rain Tree in bonsai form and the biggest things I learned was to:

1. Be patient, they often don’t respond to shock well and will lose leaves, I just maintained healthy pruning and things usually turned out fine

2. I found better luck in putting them in pots they can grow into, as the roots of mine did NOT like being bunched up

3. The Texas sun killed mine, I find that β€œthey like to see the sun but the sun shouldn’t see them

Truthfully though, my elephant bush was a nightmare-I feel like I fail at the β€œeasy” plants 🫣
Away from the light? If so, this is the culprit in addition to not receiving enough water. I did this to both mine and lost them. I was able to save a single branch that working on making it.
@BlendedBelle Ah - I did move her to a place with less light. You think that’s doing it?
@emmybee yes, I am sure of it.
@emmybee The shriveled leaves are an indication that the plant is very thirsty.
@BlendedBelle I’ve been following Greg’s watering schedule, and I’ve read many places that elephant bushes are very prone to dropping leaves due to overwatering - how can you tell the difference?? πŸ˜΅β€πŸ’«
@caleb and @Serrahhhh I heard from another post that you might be the folks to go to for bonsai advicr??
Your bush’s trunk is awesome though! And I see some nice new growth on the upper branches, it may be focusing on stem strength versus leaf growth if you’ve been pruning! I personally wouldn’t worry too much @emmybee
@caleb Oh my gosh, this made me giggle. Thank you so much for all of this - I relocated her back to her previous spot and gave her a water just to see if that perks her back up in the next few days. Luckily (???), I don’t think our Canadian sun has quite the potency of your Texan one! I’m definitely open to the possibility that she may just be living her life, though - I’m a chronic overthinker! 🀯
@emmybee Overwatering is the bane of my brain just keeps thinking β€œthey’re plants-they NEED water”

Jealous of your MUCH tamer sun 🌞 excited to see Mei continue to grow :)
@caleb πŸ˜‚ You remind me of my partner - every time she helps me out with watering she asks how much they need, and I’m like, just a little β€œbloop”! She’s always like, BUT AREN’T THEY THIRSTY SURELY THEY NEED MORE TO SURVIVE!! Most of my plants are still bbs, and they’d be floating if it were up to her!! 🌊
@emmybee oh I’ve been there, I let my boyfriend watch my plants for a week once……

Wanna know what ACTUALLY happened to my bonsais ???
@caleb 🀣😱 Oh noooooooo!! lol I def need to hear the whole story here πŸ‘€πŸ‘‚πŸ½
(Also, proud plant pals ftw?? πŸ³οΈβ€πŸŒˆπŸ¦„πŸ³οΈβ€βš§οΈ How’s that in Texas?)
@emmybee just like your elephant bush, we’re hanging in down here πŸ₯²
@caleb 😘 Thinking of all of you! I hope someone … gives you a good watering and a few rays of indirect light?? 🌦
She needs full sun darling. Yes you should acclimate but both of mine are in the middle of an open space with nothing to provide shade and they the happiest heifers in all the lands. Water throughly but only water again when the soil is stupid dry and you can literally blow it out of the pot with the little "puff". At least that's how I do both of mine. They are my favorite and are so beautiful. One is trailing and older and km thinking of making the other a bonsai when it's more mature. Did yours come like that or did you prune it yourself? @ @emmybee
@KrunchyWrap She came pruned in this shape, and I am just maintaining. I haven’t done much pruning of my own yet, as she’s still relatively new (she predates me using Greg!).
@emmybee oh OK. Well its not hard from what I can tell. From what I've seen you pluck one leaf and 2 grow back in the spot. Lol idk about yours but new leaves on mine are pink and white and soooooooo freaking 😍
@KrunchyWrap Oh wow!! So pretty!!
@emmybee that's my baby baby. Lol this is my biggin'
@KrunchyWrap Holy cow! Thriving!
An update: after relocating Mei back to her original spot, and giving her some TLC and a little prune, she’s doing better than ever. Thank you, @caleb @KrunchyWrap @BlendedBelle !!!
Very happy to help! Here is what I managed to save from my 2 trees that I murdered ruthless last year. πŸ«’πŸ€¦πŸΎβ€β™€οΈ
@emmybee ^^^^ Honestly, I almost killed it….. I was not watering enough. 🀑
So happy it's doing better! It's so crazy but I always say that every plant has a special pot and a special place. I'll repot a plant until it finds its right one cause I swear they end up picking it not you. Or maybe I'm just crazy 🀣😬 lol but so happy she and you are happy!!!
Are you giving it any dirext sunlight? I have 2 of them and if they don't get full on sun ray action then they lose leaves and look sad. I would acclimate them for more sunlight. They are from Africa and thrive in hot bright dry conditions so try acclimating then and until they can handle lot more sun and I promise they will perk up mine are in an open are so NOTHING blocks the sun all day and they are thriving.
@KrunchyWrap That’s so interesting - I am usually worried about sunburn! I did move her back to her previous spot and she’s MUCH happier! Just pruned her the other day!
@emmybee omg I was scrolling through comments and saw I already commented on this beforebπŸ˜‚ I hope she is doing better!
@KrunchyWrap She is - and I super appreciate your help!!

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