Posted 3w ago by @naturallynicole

I need repotting tips. I’m wanting to separate and use moss poles, but I’m absolutely terrified my plant with die. It only had like 3 leaves when I got it a few months ago, so I would be deeply saddened if she didn’t make it after I split it 😂🥹❤️
WOW! What an AMAZING plant! Is it in the same nursery pot?

Are the roots coming out of the bottom yet?
Thank you. I’ve changed the pot since then. No roots on the bottom yet, but new growth weekly.
@naturallynicole i don't know what part of the world you're in, but if your about to hit cold months, I would leaf it alone until the beginning of the growing season.

Let it rest a while. Lots of big leaves up top doesn't necessarily mean another repot. (: 
@sarahsalith MS. We don’t get cold winters at all, but it stays inside. My main reason for wanting to repot is there’s so many new leaves on the bottom and I’m wanting another monstera, but would rather split this one.
@naturallynicole splitting is good. Cutting is good, too.

MS as in Mississippi? Howdy, neighbor. (:
@sarahsalith Yep, good ole MS. Hope you’re staying safe with all the craziness lately.

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