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Rescue looking rough! Help please!
I got this little guy second-hand. All they know is that he's a succulent and he had two stems, but by the time I had gotten him he'd rotted both and only had some leaves at the tips.
He was from a succulent gift box, his roots were destroyed, and he was planted into and then glued on rocks with only a teaspoon of generic planter dirt. I have no clue what he is, and the person I got him from didn't either - he was already in bad shape. Even though his stems rotted he's had some greenery at the top for nearly two months. Is there any way I can help him other than watering him and hoping for the best? #succulentsquad #rescuehelp
Once the leaves get larger and he seems a bit more stable you could carefully pluck one and propagate him. Not much else you can do until he gets bigger and tells you what he is.
i definitely recommend getting some better soil, or mixing some pumice in with what you currently have. the moisture retention probably made the rot worse :( also idk how often you water him but i don’t really water my props fully, just drip a bit of water near the base of the plant. hope this helps!
@RegnantSucc I agree with @strawberrymoon on this.
The stem is making me think it’s not going to make it. I’ve been battling grey mold and if the stem is hard or woody then it’s done. Better to toss it ALL and sanitize the pot. I’m so sorry 😣
The seems large for this little plant. I agree with @strawberrymoon about watering. Good luck. πŸͺ΄. Pot

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