Posted 4w ago by @titan

New calathea growth lighter in color than rest
Thanks to permanently living in a Ziploc, my calathea been pushing out new leaves like crazy - basically a new leaf every month.

Leaf 5 is the latest leaf and nearly done coming out. I'm super excited that it's the largest one yet but I've noticed it's a bit paler than Leaves 2-4. Any reason why? No changes in where it sits or watering habits, but I did repot in the middle of its growth.

There's a new leaf starting to grow and I wanna make sure that I fix whatever I did so it'll grow I'm dark green like the rest! #CalatheaVittata #CalatheaCrew
15ft to light, indirect
4” pot with drainage
Last watered 4 weeks ago
They usually start out a bit lighter and softer and then harden off. (:

Welcome to Greg!! πŸ’š
I came here to say the same thing as @sarahsalith, it will likely darken with age!
Nothing to be concerned about, it’s normal!
Awesome, thank you all! :)

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