Posted 7M ago by @GodsendFrogbit

I have brown spots, what coukd be wrong?
6ft to light, direct
6” pot with drainage
Last watered 6 months ago
@EnduringSucc I use tap water but have it sit out for a day before I water.
Any sign of bugs?
@Cholloway not that I noticed, I had a nat issue (outside) but was taken care of and none are now around. That was my original thinking, do nats cause this issue?
@GodsendFrogbit do you mist your plant or do you notice that water is sitting on the leaf at all?
@Gordo no misting, and no water sitting on the leafs with this one. Would that cause it (for future reference)?
@GodsendFrogbit sometimes with the velvet leaves with water sitting on them can cause damage to the leaf. Is that the only leaf doing this?οΏΌ
@Gordo one leaf has the most. A couple of small spota on the other two, nothing like the biggest leaf
Here’s some reference information as well.
@GodsendFrogbit it’s amazing what nats can do. I have those yellow sticky papers in some of my more β€˜drama’ plants. πŸ˜‰
@GodsendFrogbit have a read and see if it could be one of these. It looks like it’s a older leaf so hopefully you can narrow it down for the new growth. Watch fertiliser as well. To much can damage the leaf.
Just to add to @Cholloway has mentioned. Fungus nats eat rotting material in the soil. They may also do some damage to the roots as they consume the fungus and algae. They don’t damage the leafs.

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