Posted 2w ago by @EarthlySoybean

He’s fresh from Lowe’s. Should I put him in a 4-inch clay pot?
2” pot with drainage
Last watered 2 days ago
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They always sell these guys in soil that is not good for them. These are a type of Mesemb, and as such, they appreciate VERY gritty soil. I like to have mine in a substrate that has a little cactus soil mixed with a lot of coarse sand or tiny pebbles. I would not put him in a huge pot because it’ll stay moist too long after you water it. If it were mine, I would move it into a terra cotta pot that is just a tiny bit bigger than the one it’s in (it’s ok if it is deeper, but try to get one that isn’t much wider). It is much easier, in my opinion, to have healthy succulents if they’re in terra cotta, because it “breathes,” and succulents like airy soil (which the grit also helps). I water mine when it’s leaves start to get more flexible when I gently push down on them. I know @vvvelo also has one of these, so he may want to weigh in on it. These are lovely plants; mine recently bloomed and it was adorable! (Mine is not variegated but I’d love to have a variegated one!)
You could or leave him be :) unless his roots are busting out at the bottom it will be just fine the way it is but there’s always more room to grow in a bigger pot
I have the same variegated tiger jaws from Home Depot. I usually repot all my new succulents into nice clay pots. So I would repot it definitely :)
@Jana85 I bought some 1/8” pumice. Is that too big?

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