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How should I start it?
My coworker brought me a start of her String of Hearts (already propagated with roots)… which type of soil should I use? I have tropical & succulent. Another coworker brought me a start of Mother of Thousands… I’m going to stick it in water and pray for the best. I’d love any and all input!
@Barbaragurl #StringOfHearts is a succulent, so I’d recommend the succulent soil in a pot with drainage. Ideally a porous pot like terracotta or unglazed stone.

Another thing is you’ll want to put it in your brightest window, but try to avoid much direct sunlight (the beams of sun falling directly on the leaves).

Good luck!! Propagates are super fun and ones from friends are special :)
@alex yay! I put it in a terracotta pot before I read this! I have shelves with grow lights, do you think that would work? My only windows are west facing, so there isn’t MUCH light for them any other way.

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