Posted 2M ago by @opheliaio

hoya hasn’t grown in a year

i’ve had this hoya carnosa for a couple years. initially it was on a circular trellis and was going through a huge growth spurt. i took it off because i wanted it to trail and it has been literally dormant since then. no signs of new leaves or continuing growth at the end of the tendril. i only water it when it needs it and i recently gave it new soil. some of the leaves look like they’re drying up/getting crinkly. what else can i do?
5ft to light, indirect
2” pot with drainage
Last watered 2 months ago
Hey there! Hoyas can be kinda finicky yeah but! Keep in mind if your hoya isn't growing leaves, it likely won't grow flowers either. Improving the substrate is often recommended if your hoya isn't doing much of anything despite conditions being ideal. Plus make sure you're feeding a good fertiliser to rule out mineral deficiencies. It's a bit of a princess but you know x)
@TheSadBean thanks! i have Foxfarm grow big liquid plant food (6-4-4). are you familiar with it? how often do you recommend fertilizing?
@opheliaio hoyas don’t like too much fertilizer. I’d say give it half the dose in the directions.

Have you looked at the roots at all? Slow/stagnant growth can be a sign of root rot and even dry rot. Look for roots that are very thin and stringy. The other thing that stops hoya growth is a flat mite infestation.

Lastly, hoyas love to be root bound. They don’t like big pots, so I’d suggest downsizing your pot so the roots barely fit in it with soil around it. I usually downsize all my smaller hoyas to a 5oz container like a clear disposable plastic cup. They’re perfect for hoyas.
@PeppyAsarina oh, and wilting is something I see in my imported hoyas. In their case it’s a severe dehydration. This could be the same as well, which would also be a sign of root rot. As for mineral deficiencies, there’d be other signs like leaf discoloration and leaf dropping, which makes me think it’s not that.
@PeppyAsarina thank you for the in-depth reply! the last time i checked the roots they were very stringy and small, so i put it in a much smaller pot (about a month and a half ago). do you think i should downsize again or would that stress it from too much pot-changing?