Posted 2M ago by @WhollyCutgrass

Too much sun or not enough water?

I’ve had this string of dolphins for a few weeks now. It’s in an east-facing window that gets 3-6hr of direct sunlight daily. It’s ?leaves? Are starting to shrivel. I’ve never had a string of anything before. Do you think it’s getting too much sunlight, not enough water, or both? I’ve been watering as the app indicates. It’s in a draining pot.
3ft to light, direct
4” pot with drainage
Last watered 1 month ago
So you are correct, they are dry. Every “string of” plants has a translucent “window” on their leaves to let sunlight in and when the plant gets too dry, it closes it. I attached a pic of my string of pearls so you can see what I am talking about. I have a string of hearts, vsoh, var string of pearls, and a string of bananas and they all are in a mixture of 50/50 perlite and succulent soil. Then make sure you bottom water so the plant can drink, but doesn’t get water caught between its leaves on top which can lead to rotting.
@TheOddAsity thank you for your response! I don’t think it has been white like that at all since I got it… what sunlight do you recommend? I will water more frequently and see if that helps.
@WhollyCutgrass mine is in a southwest window (like I have a corner window in my kitchen and it has a window on both walls) and it sits in the west window sill but still gets south sun.

Watering more often might not be necessary. When you bottom water by placing the pot into a bowl full of water, the plant doesn’t just uptake water into the soil, the roots can drink what it needs and then the soil will take in moisture as well. Watering it too often can lead to rot.