Posted 1w ago by @hayhaystrawtea

First of all what is this plant? andddd what do i need to do to fix it? what’s wrong with it? PLEASE PLEASE HELP!!! it’s my step moms plant!!
Those are Purple Hearts ! And it doesn’t look bad :) they turn more purple with more sun but can live just fine if alittle green and purple. You can take the dried leaves off if you want.
@TigerGarden if you don’t like the look you can trim them back. They are super easy to propagate and the way to get a “fuller” look you will need to plant many in a pot.
@TigerGarden perfect! thank you so much!!
@hayhaystrawtea no problem ! Happy growing 🌿🕺🏻🌱
It looks healthy.. it's just maybe needs a trim and stick them back in the pot to fill it out.
Just maybe get the dead dried leaves out of the pot and see what your working with
Trandescantia!! Just clean up the brown and give it some morning light :)

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