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The soil is completely separate from the pot


The plant is in a no window zone with grow light on for 6-8 hours and I water it every 2-3 weeks when the soil is dry. The soil has completely separated from the pot it is in. Is it bad? How do I fix it? I've had this for a few months. Thank you in advance!
This isn't bad! In my opinion, it's a good sign! Your plants look healthy. If the soil is coming out like that, it means it's not too moist. The problem would be if the soil was hard and unable to squish, but if it absorbs water well and your plants are thriving, it seems perfectly fine
I would suggest getting another pot soon, since those are getting pretty big and would probably appreciate having their own space. Or you can keep them potted together but I would separate them a bit in a bigger pot to give them more space to grow their own roots
No, this is not really a good thing for your plant. Your plant is healthy, but the soil is hydrophobic, meaning it will repel water and the plant cannot drink. I'd either replace the soil or aerate it by making holes in it-- or crumble it apart and then replant the succulent in it. Repotting is not needed yet-- I repotted one of my succulents with hydrophobic soil once, because I thought it was rootbound, and it almost died because it wasn't ready. Succulents like to be a bit tight in their pot before any repotting.
That's not bad, it's not a problem either. It is a healthy plant with healthy roots. That's how it supposed to look. Great job, you're doing great!πŸ‘
Thank you so much for the advice everyone! πŸ™‚πŸ™‚
But the thing is, it's not supposed to lift out of the pot-- it's hydrophobic. Please aerate the soil to keep your plant healthy πŸͺ΄
Yup, I aerated it by crumbling the soil and replanted the succulent back to the same pot again! Thank you.
That happened to my Echeveria. It won’t be too bad, but I would reccoment repotting it in better soil, or gently brushing the soil off and kind of softening it a little with your hands, and then putting it back in the pot with the plant.