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Azalea Woes 🥲
My grandparents LOVE gardening and do so every year. My papaw and mamaw take pride in their finished work and even the neighbors notice! Well, recently, papaw has noticed two of his Azalea bushes are developing brown spots.

The wild thing is that they originally bought three, same time, same nursery, and they’re planted in a row in the SAME area and get the SAME treatment. One of the three is ✨thriving✨ but the other two? Not so much.

Summers are HOT and sometimes humid here in SWARK, even at night, so they get watered deeply at least once or twice a day. They sit on the East side of the house and get Morning sun. They act like they’re thirsty cause the leaves are crispy but like I said, they get watered.

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@Localplantlady My first far-out idea is, are they by a sidewalk or public access area? Like a park? Could neighborhood dogs be spraying those particular ones? Or cats using area near those as a litter box? My second far-out idea is, could there be materials left from the construction of the house in those particular spots? Or drainage from somewhere when it rains, trickling only to those two bushes?Or fertilizer or weed killer from the past been dumped there but not near the other bushes? If they are otherwise treated the same exact way, it must be an outside influence. 🤷‍♀️ Maybe I’m nuts but that is what comes to me.
Quite odd... I know sometimes plants can be nutrient hogs... Could it be that the one thriving bush is choking the other two out? 🤔
@AC73LoveCats we live in the suburbs in a smaller neighborhood! The only pathway is the sidewalk up to our front door, a stone path in the yard, and the driveway! That side of the house is probably 15-20ft from the road. People with dogs don’t USUALLY let their dogs go that far into the yard. We have a couple of stray cats but they live near an older lady who feeds them a couple of blocks away.

I wouldn’t think it’d be construction because this house is about 15 years old. They used to have a HUGE Gardenia bush there that died a year or two ago due to a sudden freeze we had one winter. Papaw and mamaw are very good about not dumping stuff like that in the yard, it’s their prized possession, but I obviously come first 💁🏻‍♀️🤣

When I say they love their yard, Papaw watches the neighbors who pretty much scalp their grass when they mow. He always says he feels like they’re tryin to make his yard look bad but I always tell him that his is lush while theirs is spiky 🤣 VERY particular about the look, won’t even let a mowing service come mow and he’s 70 🤣
@WickedValkyrie hmmmm I didn’t think of that. Maybe? These bushes are a mystery. They have multiple in one area by the garage and they’re doing just fine 🙃
@Localplantlady @WickedValkyrie I am stumped! Maybe someone else has the answer, if it’s not one of the things we suggested. Maybe a bug infestation, or mold or fungus, but then the other bushes would be affected too.
My only other guess would be an underground pipe leak nearby, but even then it would still be odd for none of the other plants in the area to be affected... Hopefully y'all can get it figured out ☺️
I just came here to say I have a Mammaw and Pappaw too, and I don't see other people with the same combo very often. 🥰

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