Posted 5M ago by @Hypsie

3D leaf?
I took Jovie out to #ButtChug and found this new odd looking leaf growing. She looks like sheโ€™s clapping ๐Ÿ‘. Little hands growing right out of the leaf. Is this normal? #NewGrowth #oddity
2ft to light, indirect
4โ€ pot with drainage
Last watered 1 week ago
Omg thatโ€™s wild! Very cool looking
I shall name it Baby Groot
I think this plant is so cool, I recently rescued one. Have you got any tips as yours looks great?!
@dylan1stokes Thanks, but itโ€™s the first one Iโ€™ve had that I didnโ€™t kill lol. The best advice I could give is to use a moisture meter to see when it needs watering. I donโ€™t let it get totally dry like my succulents, but I wait until itโ€™s at about a 2.
@Hypsie thank you, i will maybe have to look into buying a moisture metre
@dylan1stokes You can also break of a few leaves and just stick them back into the soil to make it fuller. It takes a little while, but they will eventually root. I have mine under a grow light.
@dylan1stokes Best $10 I ever spent. You may even find one for less. Takes out a lot of the guess work. Until I got one I was a lot more nervous ๐Ÿ˜ฌ!

Soil Moisture Meter, S10 Soil...
@Hypsie I did actually break some off and just put it straight back into the soil, or you meant to let them callus first tho because I didnโ€™t. Also I am planning to get a grow light as soon as I can excuse spending them money haha
@Hypsie also thank you for this I am going to have a look now
@dylan1stokes I didnโ€™t let mine callous over either. And you can get just a grow bulb if you can find a lamp. Youโ€™re welcome!
@Hypsie okay that makes me feel better, and I actually have a spare lamp I donโ€™t use, could I just put a grow bulb in it
I bought 2 tiny ones and put them in a bigger pot with drainageโ€ฆ doing great so far!!!
@dylan1stokes Yes, absolutely!
@tango Thatโ€™s plantastic!
Does anyone have a good suggestion for a plant light and one I donโ€™t have to take a loan out for it?
@Grammy08 I think the least expensive option is a grow bulb in a regular light fixture.

The one I have is below. It keeps going up in price. But they have an option for used.

Sunblaster 904296 NanoTech T5 High Output Fixture Reflector Combo, 2-Feet
@Grammy08 I just ordered this bulb. Supposed to be a good one. Itโ€™s in lightening deal rn.

Limited-time deal: SANSI Grow Light Bulb with Ceramic Technology, PPF 17.5 umol/s LED Full Spectrum 10W Grow Lamp (150 Watts Equiv) with Frosted Optical Lens for High PPFD, Energy Saving Plant Lights for Seeding Growing

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