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Good morning!! I’m not sure if my moonlight philo is doing well. Her leaves started curling. This started happening when I gave her some fertilizer (diluted) last week. Is this normal? Or does she need more humidity?
I would say she looks really thirsty but if you watered it last week I'm not sure.. Are there any yellowing leaves? Or mabey feel if the soil is dry I dunno
Hmm, is the soil moist? It almost looks like it’s thirsty but it could very well be over-fertilized. What fertilizer did you use and by how much did you dilute it?
Oh no! I doubt it’s the fertilizer but don’t know for sure. Looks like more water and maybe less light may help. Philos don’t need addl humidity. From what I know, curling leaves means a thirsty plant but don’t overdo it. I’d also check the soil and make sure it’s well-draining.
Thanks everyone!!! When I get home I’ll check the soil again, I think it was dry…but I watered it 4 days ago…maybe I’ll check the root system. I used this orchid liquid fertilizer, diluted one teapsooon in a gallon of water and the diluted it with more water in a smaller container
Hey!! You were all right!! She was dehydrated! I gave her water yesterday and she perked up again over night!! Thank you!!!😭

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