Posted 1w ago by @GardeningNeish

Help! My rubber plants leaves have been falling off.
I think I overwatered her awhile ago, but I moved her away from the window & haven’t watered her in 12 days and she’s dropping leaves. Any suggestions or ideas as to what’s happening?
If your plant was overwatered and then not watered for 12 days with minimal light, your plant’s health will decline.

It’s possible it became thirsty and had low light that now it’s dropping leaves. Best thing I can suggest is to give it some medium-to-bright shaded light and a drink of water 💧🌿
I agree with @kscape - these plants like consistency. The leaves won't grow back, BUT as long as the plant is getting proper care, new leaves (like that tiny one up too) will appear and unfurl!

Maybe next year, you can snip off the top growth and your plant might branch out! 😁
@kscape thank you so much! I’ll see what happens with a bit of water & it near the window.
@sarahsalith thanks! I’m hopeful that he’ll bounce back with some TLC.

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