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just got my monstera deliciosa a week ago and about 3 days ago noticed the soil wasn't drying out I took it out of the pot to see they weren't draining it at the store, soil is drying now but I can't tell if I should check out her roots or not
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1ft to light, indirect
8” pot with drainage
Last watered 1 week ago
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I would leaf it alone for a while. You just got it.

We know most big stores don't take amazing care of their plants. I had a Hoya that I purchased from a Home Depot and I did not water it for over a month because the soil was still wet!

Just care for it as you would and water it when the soil is dry. Maybe later on this summer, you can re-pot it! However, until the roots are coming out the bottom drainage holes or the plant starts to decline seriously, I would leaf it alone. (:

It's a great looking plant!
My monstera hasn't been watered in 3 weeks because of the same reason. It has great roots, still producing new leaves now and then. I just leave it alone and let him do his thing 😁
Mine is huge I’d recommend you repot it after a month I left it alone for a couple of weeks because when I bought it, it was extremely wet let the soil dry out and pull it out and examine roots if any are rotten cut them off remember use the finger trick 1,2inches in if the soil feels dry give it water recommended purified water filtered they love it and it quenches the thirst . I have recently started adding monstera fertilizer to get more growth it’s been doing great without it you can tell what are the new leafs there much lighter iv had mine for over 5months 
I'm in the same boat with a big alocasia I got from Lowe's. I've had it for at least 3 weeks now and was finally able to repot it into something the correct size with better soil. As Sarah said, just leave her be for a while check her periodically. Monsteras are pretty resilient so I'm sure she'll be just fine in time.
I would not worry too much as she looks fine! Mine needs to be watered every 15-20 days because it is the time it takes the soil to dry out. Specially if the soil has cocopeat or susbtances that keep moisture (which is great for most plants)

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