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Adding climbingpole for the tetra #minimonstera #monsteramob
So, trying to add a climbing pole for my Tetra but it grows in 3 directions with thick branches so I am not sure how to do it in a good way. The 2 branches to the sides are too thick to bend without snapping them.. cut and propagate or just leave itπŸ€” Any and all tips would be appreciated!
5” pot with drainage
Last watered 4 days ago
have you considered three different moss poles πŸ€”
@RJG Thought about it but the angles are almost 90 degrees so it would take up so much space. I have a perfect little corner for it to sit and climb in..
@GreenGoblin I agree with @RJG 3 moss poles would look amazing with your Monstera.
@GreenGoblin it just makes me sad to cut such a beauty. i would cut 2 of them and root them, then pole the 3rd. Then when the other two are ready, strategically plant them on the pole.
Stunning #MiniMonstera @GreenGoblin

Would be a shame to cut this beauty, though propagating would be an adventure that could lead to a whole family of thriving mini monstera!

I would start with trying to get one moss pole to take hold, and if that works then cut and propagate.

Another idea is to add additional moss poles in separate pots sitting next to the main pot, close enough that the branches can reach from the main pot without needing to cut and prop. After some growth it would look like multiple plants and you could even plant some companion plants in the new pots.

Btw - do you have a grow light above? That’s truly a stunning plant!
Thanks everyone! As I have 1 mosspole already I think I'll start with just one branch and leave tho others for now. @alex no fancy growlight just led strip!
@alex @KikisOasis @RJG Excited to see the results on the first one. Decided to leave the other 2 vines alone for now and really like the look! Thanks for your help and ideas😊
@alex I just got one of those last week. It’s small right now but it’s @sarahsalith fault a bought it. Do they grow as fast as a Monstera Delicioisa?
@KikisOasis they grow so much faster!! I have several thicker stems on mine and I have slowly, loosely tied them and pulled them towards one central coco coir pole. There are still some stems that have sprouted and done their own thing.
@KikisOasis @sarahsalith love it πŸ˜‚πŸ˜ let us know how growing the mini monstera goes @KikisOasis!

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