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Greg premium
Is the subscription paid monthly or all at once? @alex @Kiersten @RJG #GregGang #GregFeedback
Best Answer
Hello all! Currently we only offer the annual plan and it bills all at once.
pretty sure you can choose! there’s a lifetime thing and a monthly/yearly one
Right now some users can get lifetime, yearly or monthly.
I know you can pay yearly snd monthly. Yearly is $30 and comes out to about 8Β’ a day, but I don't think there is a lifetime any more.
The Lifetime one is on the in app purchases list
What is the benefit of the paid premium? What I already get with the free app is amazing. I am just trying out this app to see if I want to change from the one I’ve been using. I’m thinking this app wins hands down.
@npomaha me too! i haven’t got it yet but you get watering reminders, how much to water, light gauges, plant health checks, seasonal changes, plant identification and a lot of extra perks! For sure worth it!

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