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#greggang Do share any of your plant tips for #philodendronpinkprincess #whiteprincess I got both fr a live plantsale. Got PWP for $10 & its still a baby. PPP at $20. Tot the price was quite fair. Now I hope they thrive. #newplants #wishlistplant
What a deal!
Thanks, I thk so too @RJG Ive been eyeing them for so long. Its gd to finally add them to my oasis. Hope they do well and give me new leaves soon 🀞
That’s amazing!! It’s always great when someone doesn’t realize the value of a PPP.. πŸ˜…
@tango I thk prices have gone down for PPP where I live. Unless the pink variegation is stunning, they dont go beyond $50. I consider mine on the cheaper side, feel lucky to bring home the 2 princesses on the same day
@Sleepysunday that’s pretty awesome! 😁
You may have hit the jackpot @Sleepysunday!

Post a 2-3 month update as the β€œPWP” matures and tag me. I believe the seller mislabeled the plant.

It looks suspiciously like a White Anderson (PWK x PPP) variant which, once verified, is worth upwards of $800USD or more based on variegation.

The major difference between PWP and Anderson family is that the Anderson variant will have a narrow form leaf, more white splashes and the pink color will harden off into white.

It’s a little soon to tell but here’s some images of the PWK with a visibly broader leaf shape.
@RJG What are your thoughts at a second glance? The OP’s plants appear to be imported based solely on the use of the burnt rice hulls which aren’t readily available stateside which leads me to believe this was from an Indonesian wholesaler and this hybrid potentially slipped through the cracks.
Here’s another reference photo of the Anderson (white) hopefully your petioles will turn that burgundy color and the leaves stay narrow 🀞
@ForFoxSake I think Wings is located internationally. So you very well could be on to something.
@ForFoxSake Thankyou, its news to me cause I didnt know abt White Anderson before this.
For your info the seller has lots of plants including White Knight and White Wizard. He imports some of the mother plants from Thailand, Indonesia and resellers from Singapore. @RJG
He also propagates it. He seems vy knowledgeable on his plants. But I will keep a close eye on my babies. And will surely post updates πŸ™‚

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